Absence is the utmost luxury of the tropics
Absence of mosquitoes
Absence of mosquito control
Absence of fogging
Absence of spraying
just Pure Nature

What are we doing

We are manufacturing an autonomous mosquito control solution.

What did we achieve

The world's first island-wide 100% reduction of Aedes aegypti.

Who are we

We are an international team of entrepreneurs providing green solutions.

Disruptive technology

Our technology is a paradigm change in mosquito control making existing technology for both vector control and medicine redundant.

No vectors - no diseases

Any vector-borne disease is stopped by the absence of its vector, no matter how many infected people are present.

No diseases - no drugs

A disease not being able to spread does not need any medical solution; no treatment and no vaccination.


Water is the only active agent. Water is always abundant where mosquitoes meet humans.

Aedes aegypti

It is the primary vector of dengue, chikungunya, zika, yellow fever and others.


The absence of the vector interrupts any spreading of the diseases.

Positive side effects

The absence of insecticides allows pollinators to develop again. Bees and butterflies will the first returning.

Flora and fauna flourishes

The return of the pollinators will be followed by an explosion of the flora and soon afterwards also of the fauna as food becomes suddenly available in abandance.

Marine life

The recovery of the marine life will be slower. The replication rates of many marine life species will bring also sensitive species back.

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